Family consultation offer families with young children a comprehensive and cost effective way to receive travel counseling, as well as appropriate vaccinations and preventative medications.

The cost of the family consultation is $150 for up to 4 family members. If there are additional family members there is an extra $35 per person consultation fee. The fee for the family consultation is due at the time of the phone consultation. The family consultation consists of two parts.

Part One

The first part involves scheduling a phone consultation between one parent/guardian and one of our travel health care providers. Try to schedule the phone consultation for a time when you are less likely to have frequent interruptions.

The phone consultation will last approximately 45 minutes. During the phone consultation the travel health care provider will ask about your travel itinerary, your family’s health history, and review vaccination and medication recommendations.

At the end of the phone consultation the office visit for immunizations and medications will be scheduled. The length of the follow-up visit will be determined by the travel health care provider.

Part Two

The second part involves the office visit for vaccinations and medications. All family members traveling should be present at the office visit. There is no additional consultation fee for the office visit, however fees for the vaccinations and medications will be charged.

At the time of the office visit, please make sure to bring your family’s completed Family Travel Vaccine Planner. If you do not bring a completed travel vaccine planner to your office visit, you will be charged an extra $15 per family member. Without a completed travel vaccine planner there is more time involved for the travel health care provider during your appointment.

The MSU Travel Clinic does not bill insurance. Payment for your appointment is due the day of service by cash, check, or credit. The Clinic will provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance if your insurance carrier covers travel related healthcare visits.

Family Travel Vaccine Planner

Family Travel Vaccine Planner